Chances of being admitted at NYU or BU with a 3.4UW?

Hi everyone!

After a lot of research, I think that I’d really love to go to NYU. I’m planning to apply ED, but I’ve heard there really isn’t too much of a difference with RD’s acceptance.

I really didn’t apply myself that much my freshman year. It was my mistake, and it really brought my GPA down. Combined with some serious health issues and a bunch of family obligations (which I plan to outline in the additional info section), it really cost me a lot. My transcript shows a definite upward curve though, and I think I have really strong ec’s as well (Model U.N, music, art, etc). I have a 1480 SAT (that I hope I can bring up a bit more) and a 33 ACT.

I also really, really love Boston University. I’m really scared that I won’t be admitted to NYU, so I may apply ED to BU instead.

In your opinion, what are my chances at each school?

Both colleges do actually give you a significant ED bump. At both colleges your SAT/ACT are in line with admitted students but your GPA is on the low side (although it sounds like the details look better than the overall number). BU has a higher admission rate overall but it’s not a huge difference (18.5% vs 15%). Your essays will matter. Honestly- I wouldn’t try be strategic about it, if you absolutely love one over the other then ED that one. Both colleges also have ED2 so you could always go for one and then ED2 at the other if that doesn’t work out…assuming you’d be just as happy to attend either.

Have you run the NPCs or are you fine being full pay at either school (which will be well over $300,000 for four years by the time that you get there)?

What is your unweighted GPA for each year of high school?

I’m willing to pay full tuition but I’ll still be applying for FAFSA. My unweighted freshman year was a 2.8, but I have gotten 3.87’s every year since. There’s a few classes that aren’t counted, so my cumulative GPA is a 3.4/3.9.

I think that the combination of “willing to pay full tuition” plus your strong uptrend in GPA should improve your chances quite a bit.

I would say “not a safety, but well worth the application” for both schools.

If you want to compare financial offers from multiple schools then ED is not a good plan. If you are fine with full pay then ED is reasonable. Whether either school is worth being full pay is an entirely different issue, and will depend upon a long list of issues (including your intended major, career ambitions, and your financial situation).

I suppose that I could include the classic (and entirely correct) CC reminder: Do not forget to apply to at least two true safeties.

I will disagree on “willing to pay full tuition” being an advantage given both schools are need-blind for domestic admissions. It would make a difference if OP was international.
I would also agree with “worth a chance”, especially ED, but both these schools also fall into the “reach for most with admit rates in the teens”. Three of NYU’s schools have admit rates in single digits - not sure of any differences at BU.
I would make sure there is a decent list of matches and safeties too.