Chances of Cornell AEM?

<p>Female/Houston, TX.
GPA: 4.2619
Rank: 21/660 (3%)
SAT: 2070. Math 710 CR: 700 W: 660
*Retaking SAT 1 in OCT.
*Taking subject tests US HISTORY, MATH 1, BIOLOGY E in NOV. Projecting 700+ in all of em.
AP: Human Geo: 3, US Hist: 4, Lang: 4.</p>

<p>Volunteer Hours: 200: These are from various school events and an animal shelter.</p>

Key Club Member for 4 years, Editor/Journalist of Key club for 2 years.
NHS: 11-12.
Debate Team Captain and President; 11-12.
NUMEROUS awards in speech and debate(Lincoln Douglas and Oratory)
History Club: 11-12.
Also, part of this COOP program through my school called Business Professionals of America where I work at Shell Corp. Started this summer through next summer. I work in Well Data Systems Implementation department. It's a paid internship.</p>

<p>Is there any hope?</p>

<p>There’s always hope, but your chances don’t seem too fantastic given that AEM is an extremely competitive program to gain admission into.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Are you applying early or regular decision? Only blemish is your sat score work hard on raising it to 1500+ critical reading and math as Cornell doesn’t look at writing.</p>

<p>IS THERE ED for Cornell AEM or only Cornell? I’d only be interested in Early Decision if my major comes with the acceptance.</p>

<p>When you apply to Cornell, you will have to apply specifically to AEM in order to get into AEM. CALS makes you pick a major to apply to. So yes, if you get into Cornell ED by applying to AEM, you will enter the program.</p>

<p>Looks like a reach – I would try to bring your SAT score up. AP scores are on the low side but they aren’t used during the admission process so I guess it’s irrelevant.</p>