Chances of Financial aid!

<p>So Miami is one of my top three schools right now! But in order for me to be able to go my family will need me to get a lot of scholarships/financialaid annually.</p>

<p>I'm studying with an SAT tutor so these scores will come up!
Total: 1950
CR: 560
WR: 630
MA: 760</p>

<p>I will have taken 5 AP classes by the time I apply
GPA: 4.3 weighted
and I got a 4 on the AP lang test (which will hopefully make my CR score look a little less bad haha)
I'm ranked in the teens out of 420</p>

<p>How good is Miami at giving financial aid? Is it a "meet your need" kind of school? Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks</p>