Chances of Georgetown admission? [3.95 GPA, 1480 SAT superscore, economics]

Hello. I am currently planing to apply EA to Georgetown as an Econ major and I’m curious of my chances.

1-Gpa: 3.95 unweighted (all A’s and one B+)
2-11 aps (mix of 5’s and 4’s. One 3)
3-senior year classes: Ap Lit, Ap physics C Mech and E&M, Ap CSA, Ap stats, multi variable calc, and Latin 4 honors.
4-Sat: 1480 superscore (700 ER&W and 780 math)

1-Robotics team 4 years (coder)
2-math team 3 years
3-lit mag 3 years
4-tech club 2 years
5-civil projects club 2 years (VP)
6- short story club books years (president)

-math award (junior year)

  • high academic honors (2 years)

-my sister also went here, but I don’t know if they count that as legacy. Also, would changing my major affect my chances. I know Econ is a pretty competitive major. Should I apply for math and switch later?

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It’s hard to tell but you’re certainly worthy of admittance. It doesn’t mean it will happen. Probably a deferral but you never know.

Good luck.

I can’t chance you but expect you will be competitive. Have you run Gtown’s NPC to get a cost estimate?

Econ is in Gtown’s College of Arts and Sciences, so you would choose undeclared when applying, see here:

Applying to Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences

Applicants should visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website for extensive application information and deadlines. When applying to the College, students choose one of three options:

Undeclared: Students who apply as undeclared majors will select a major at the end of their sophomore year. Students who have a strong interest in languages or sciences are encouraged to apply for those majors.

Faculty of Languages and Linguistics: The Faculty of Languages and Linguistics (FLL) is a unique program within the College with a special commitment to the study of linguistics and languages, literature, and cultures other than English. Majors in the FLL can be combined with any other majors and minors available to College students. Because language acquisition is a long commitment, we ask applicants to indicate their choice of major on their application. Students admitted to the FLL must enroll in a course in the major each semester of the first year.

Science and Mathematics: Students who wish to pursue a major in the sciences should choose their area of interest on their application. The computer science, mathematics, and physics departments offer both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. First-year coursework is identical for both degrees, and students will confirm which degree they wish to pursue at the end of their first year.

Students may also choose pre-health studies in addition to any of the options above.

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Georgetown does not deny students under our Early Action program . If a student is not admitted under EA, his or her application is automatically given a full second review during Regular Decision.”

So pretty good bet it will be a deferral or an acceptance :grinning:

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:pray:super helpful thx


Everything looks good but the Sat might hold you back. Just being critical here. It’s a wild card reach for everyone so just go for it. Write a good essay.

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With respect to your intended major of economics, these sites may be helpful for shaping your greater college list:

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The OP’s SAT result places him above Georgetown’s inferred median for attending students. Why would this hold him back?

Most everyone that I know or helped that got accepted to Georgetown had a 1520 or higher. These were all accepted EA. Again, I said I was being critical. So being at around the 75% seemed to be key for them. It’s a crapshoot regardless.