Chances of getting a full tuition scholarship

So many people have told us to apply to Trinity. My son would like to become a Doctor and we hear Trinity has a great science department. My question is, does he even stand a chance to be invited to interview for a full tuition scholarship with a 33ACT score? We are trying to keep undergrad cost as low as possible.

Trinity Tower Scholarship

To be considered for this award, your application for admission must be submitted under an ED or EA (I or II) application plan.
Murchison Scholars and other top applicants will be invited to compete for a full-tuition scholarship at the Trinity Tower Scholars Day competition.
Please see the information below for more details regarding this program.
Full-Tuition Award

Trinity Tower Scholars Day attendees will compete for one of up to 20 full-tuition scholarships.
Murchison Scholarship
4.0 and 1410 SAT or 30 ACT
3.85 and 1530 SAT or 33 ACT
$100,000/ total

Trustee’s Scholarship
4.0 and 1320 SAT or 28 ACT
3.75 and 1410 SAT or 30 ACT
3.5 and 1450 SAT or 32 ACT

President’s Scholarship
3.85 and 1220 SAT or 25 ACT
3.75 and 1270 SAT or 27 ACT
3.0 and 1360 SAT or 29 ACT

Dean’s Scholarship
3.25 and 1220 SAT or 25 ACT

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Since he plans on going into some sort of science, there is another option: the Semmes Distinguished Scholar in Science scholarship, which is a full tuition scholarship with a research stipend.
This scholarship requires the student to major in one of the following:

Biology, Biochemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering Science, Geosciences, Mathematics, Neuroscience, or Physics and Astronomy

To be considered for this scholarship you must submit your application before January 1, and there is an additional application for this scholarship (There is not an additional application for the Tower Scholarship, everyone gets considered for that)

Finalists for the scholarship will be invited to the school to interview with some of the science faculty, and the scholarship is given to only 1 or 2 students each year.

Here is a link with additional information:

Best of luck applying!

Trinity University is an outstanding university. We moved our son in early yesterday to attend The Plunge. Their CSI Building cannot be topped for sciences and research. I would say to apply for all scholarships. The have a very generous merit based system. It sounds like he will be a perfect fit at Trinity.