Chances of getting a high ACT score? Help

<p>Okay, so I am taking the ACT exam this Saturday and I really plan on getting a 28+. What are the chances of achieving this composite score? Also how many does one have to miss to still get over a 28 on every section? Is the ACT hard and is it something you have to study for a lot? I recieved an ACT prep-book and did a few questions. On the math pretest I only missed 2, but I tend to do better on pretests than on actual tests because I get so nervous.. Can anybody help me?</p>

<p>This is kind of vague. Chances of scoring a 28? If you have a natural ability for the material on the test and you studied hard, a 28 will come easily. If not, you probably won't score that high. How have you been doing on practice tests? Those are a usually a good representation of how you will do on the real test.</p>

<p>Around 27-29</p>

<p>Well if you've been scoring within that range consistently, then you have about a 66% chance of getting at least a 28. However, if you get nervous like you are worried about and make stupid mistakes on the real test.... then you may get lower than a 27.</p>