Chances of getting a scholarship?

I am currently a junior in high school and want to attend Simmons College. What are my chances of a scholarship?
SAT composite: 1860
-Math: 530
-Reading: 710
-Writing: 620
3.6 unweighted GPA
4.2 weighted GPA
By time I graduate will have taken 10 AP classes (Human Geo, Enviro, Gov, US History, World History, Euro, Psych, English Lit, English Lang, Studio Art)
300+ volunteer hours
Got accepted into Girls State

What are my chances? If you’ve gotten a scholarship what were your scores/grades like?

When you apply, emphasize your service hours and ECs. Simmons wants women who want to be leaders and give back to the surrounding community. I received the full-ride scholarship (Kotzen) this year, and GPA-wise and AP-wise we’re pretty similar. They look at your application holistically, but to get the bigger scholarships you’ll want to raise you SAT score or see if you’re more suited to the ACT. Kotzen requires an ACT of 28+ or SAT w/ 600 min in each subsection. Also, apply to the honors program when the time comes. It’s two short-answer questions, and you get $750 per year in book award that rolls over.

Thank you for all the info! Congrats on the Kotzen scholarship! I have taken the ACT and SAT a few times but struggle with the math sections. Do you thin I have a good chance for the presidential or dean scholarship even with lower test scores?

you definitely have a shot at presidential or dean, in my opinion.