Chances of getting a single at Muir?

<p>If I submitted my housing application on April 9th, am I likely to get a single at Muir?</p>

<p>We cant really say b/c we dont know when people also submitted their housing applications and the everything is pretty much random</p>

<p>yeah, the people with better reasons will be granted the singles -- it's not really done on a rolling basis.</p>

<p>what do you mean by like better reasons?</p>

<p>you had an opportunity to put down reasons for a single, right? (i know i did) things like medical issues and weird habits are going to take priority over "i like studying alone" ... for something like the latter, they'd just tell you to go to the library.</p>

<p>I'm not sure how they assign people to rooms. I turned in my housing application really late like late March and I marked a double but ended up with a single.</p>

<p>out of curiosity, how do you apply for housing? i sent the housing application the day i got accepted. they said they were going to email me later about it. btw, i havent sent my sir yet.</p>

<p>When you send your SIR in, they will email you with more directions - this happens in late may/early june.</p>

<p>When you turned in your housing app you had a choice? - I dont remember a place to choose single room on it?</p>

<p>^No, you're correct, there isn't a place to mark that. Like I posted above, you will select your room preference when you receive your housing contract in late May/early June. Don't worry about it yet!</p>

<p>I wouldnt worry about it at this point yet. Honestly, if you really want a single, you'll either get it or you wont. If you get it, congrats, if you dont and you really really really want one, just go to your housing office (for w/e college it is) and put your name on the single waitlist on move-in day. There are always people who do not want a single (for a wide variety of reasons) and opt to switch out. If you sign up early for the list, you'll get the single you want.</p>

<p>Can you request roommates? And how many doubles are there in Muir? Are the chances of getting a double really low?</p>

<p>Yeah, you can request roommates or suitemates. Don't know about muir questions. I got a single in Warren and I applied for housing pretty late last year (after Admit Day, actually). I think I wrote really whack things in my housing application, like I bite people when I'm asleep or something....</p>

<p>^But there are a lot more singles in Warren than Muir so that probably increased your chances too.</p>

<p>^Not if you factor in apartments. First years can get apartments too, ya know... I'm not quite sure of the res hall single to single ratio other than the fact that Muir has 2 singles per suite whereas Warren has 4. But it could be that Muir has more suites than Warren. Muir does have the biggest student population of all colleges, after all.</p>

<p>Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but no first years in Muir really get doubles. From what I know, those are mostly, if not all, taken up by second years.</p>

<p>^ i am a first year living in a double.</p>

<p>it really depends on the class sizes. this year, since the c/o 2013 class is so small (~700), it was easier for us to get doubles. i talked to pat d.a. (one of the res deans) and she said since the c/o 2014 is so big (~900), they were unable to cut the majority of the triples like they planned to, therefore next year it will be harder for first years to get doubles.</p>

<p>Is living in a double really that great?</p>

<p>^Compared to triples, it is. It's nice to have company when you want, but not too many people crammed in one room.</p>

<p>I heard muir is getting rid of alot of triples next year, is that still true? seems like they had too many students again, I saw that post on someone getting switched out of muir (switched back in with email)</p>