Chances of getting accepted into UCSD

<p>Hello everybody,
I'm planning on transferring into a UC Fall 2011 and I really have my heart set on UCSD. (I plan on applying to UCLA, UCB, UCSB as well) I currently have a 3.25 gpa and will have my IGETC completed by the end of spring. I am SO close to being TAG eligible but unfortunately will not have my math requirement completed until the end of spring and of course TAG requires math completion by the end of fall :-(</p>

<p>SO...considering I have to apply the old fashioned way (and pray I get in) can anybody give me any info/stories to help me get a grasp on what my chances of acceptance are? Or perhaps any tips of how to increase my chances? (besides gpa :-p) Any support would be great, all my friends are just giving me the "relax and everything will be fine" advice which we all know does not work! lol. Thanks everyone!!</p>

<p>ummm well im about one course away from being tag eligible (the 45 units requirement is a fat buzzkill). i have about a 3.7 gpa-ish. maybe 3.65. to make myself feel better, i just searched old ucsd admit threads and saw that some ppl got accepted like with a 3.3 without a tag. i think if we do all the pre reqs, have some decent ECs, and have good essays we'll have like 70%+ chances. lol good luck to uussss</p>