Chances of getting accepted to cockrell?

<p>Do I have a shot at getting into Cockrell?
I want to major in civil engineering.
There really isn't another school that I'm considering other than UT at Austin.
I go to a very competitive high school at the moment.</p>

<p>Graduating a year and a half early (so I'd be entering in the spring)
Nationality: Hispanic (if that is a factor)
4.36 (weighted)
3.81 (unweighted)
Rank: 13/196
Percent: Top 7%</p>

<p>AP: Calculus AB & Psychology this upcoming senior year (but it won't show up on my actual transcript, since I'm already applying at the moment)</p>

<p>SAT: 1230/1600</p>

Math I: 730
Spanish: 700</p>

FBLA district 5th place - Business Math
FBLA state 1st place - Business Math
FBLA member 9th-11th
FBLA Vice President of Competitive Events 10th
STUCO member 9th-11th
Writer's Club 10th-11th
Film Society 9th</p>

<p>What was your breakdown of SAT scores?</p>


<p>You should have a very good shot at it. Civil is not as hard to get into as some of the other disciplines.</p>