chances of getting Early Decision offer rescinded?

<p>I recently got in early decision to the pamplin college of business and paid my matriculation fee of $400. How badly will I have to do to get my offer rescinded? I dont plan on slacking off, its just that i am taking hard classes. I will probably get mostly B/A-'s in my classes but I think I will get a C or a C+ in calc. Is there a chance that I will get my offer rescinded if my mid year grade report had all B's and A-'s and a C or C+? same question for my final grades</p>

<p>I think you will be fine even if you get a C in Calculus. No Ds or Fs though. The Calculus you are taking in HS is more difficult than the Business application Calculus that you will take as a Business major. So no worries.</p>

my physics teacher told me about a student who didn’t do anything in his class after getting in and flunked the class(AP Physics C) and VT didn’t resend his admission. that doesn’t mean that you should risk it but i think you are probably safe with one C/C+ in a pretty hard class

The website states:
Your offer of admission will be withdrawn under the following circumstances:

Your final grades are significantly lower than your previous academic record, indicating a declining academic performance in your final year or semester.

As a transfer student, I recall seeing the statement “your offer of admission may be rescinded if you receive any spring semester grade lower than a B” and “will be rescinded if you receive a grade lower than a C.” I believe they are more strict with transfer students since admissions is based on the ability to be on track in the curriculum with your graduating class.