Chances of getting first choice dorm

<p>So what are the chances of getting your first choice dorm? I really want Founders, and ranked as my #1 and applied for an Explorations floor along with my requested roommate. Does applying for Explorations help?</p>

<p>For Founders, I doubt it is really that competitive. I really think Hayden is the dorm most people vouch for first. ( Hayden is overrated imo)</p>

<p>I think Hayden is overrated too. I hear it's already filled with EDers.</p>

<p>If you applied for an explorations floor you are more apt to get that dorm than someone else.</p>

<p>Founders FTW, it looked like the best to me. Idk why everyone loves Hayden</p>

<p>Everyone loves Hayden for its location.</p>

<p>Location and the dining hall downstairs.</p>

<p>...I still don't see the hype though. Lol.
I guess they all care about not walking far more than I do. Founders has Palladium right down the street, right? And it only take like 10 minutes to get to WSP? Not that bad in my opinion. But why do I care if people love Hayden? That means more spots left for me to possibly get in Founders. ;)</p>

<p>I love founder's rooms, mainly for the size, but I had Hayden as my first pick because I know me, and I don't think I'd want to brave the frigid New York winter weather for food if I can have a dining hall downstairs.</p>