Chances of getting Hayden as a RD

<p>Does anyone know how many RD students who select Hayden as their first choice get placed there? Do ED students actually get first pick on dorms? That seems kind of weird to me.</p>

<p>ED student do get first pick of dorms because they get preference over the RD students. I don't know about your chances of getting Hayden though. I hear it's already full of ED students, but that may just be a rumor.</p>

<p>But why would anyone get preference just based on when they applied? I thought they looked at all the applications after the due date of June first and just assigned housing from there. And if the apps were only due yesterday, how could an entire dorm be full already?</p>

<p>ED applicants sent in their housing information before RDers I believe. At least that's what I've read on here before.</p>

<p>ED applicants have access to the housing form before RD. We had the same deadline as RD applicants. Nothing is "already" full. What does happen is that they look at the housing applications of the people who applied ED first, assign dorms. And then they go through the RD applicants. Hayden which is always popular usually is full of EDers.</p>

<p>Once you get to NYU, you will realize Hayden is really overrated. I mean quite honestly how can you get away with huge parties especially since it's not apartment style?</p>