Chances of getting in? Also, worried about price

I’m a senior in HS and I want to go to Binghamton more than anything. My high school was recently rated #2 in the nation and that got us a fair deal of publicity so… I dunno if that will help me but it’s not bad. As far as I know, nobody from my school really considers Binghamton either so I don’t anticipate any competition in that regard.

I have a GPA of 3.72 and an SAT of 1540.

I’m really worried about the OOS price tag. I don’t anticipate much family contribution and don’t have much of my own money. What are my chances of getting merit or other aid from the school? Not too familiar with how Binghamton handles financial aid.


Your stats are good, and you have a good shot at one of the named scholarships- but the biggest one (Presidential) is only about $12K/year. Otherwise, it’s up to you, and you can only borrow ~$7K/year (varies by year).

That you go to a top HS won’t make a difference in terms of financial aid.

If you need nearly full financial aid, check out UAlabama:

There are also other schools that will pay for your stats, but not SUNY’s.

SUNY Albany, Buffalo, and Stony Brook do offer full scholarships. It can’t hurt to apply. Good luck!