Chances of getting in as a transfer?

<p>I'm from New York and I'm currently a sophomore at Penn State - University Park. My GPA is a 2.9 and I am interested in studying business.</p>

<p>Unfortunately your chances, especially if you want to stay a business major are not good. Binghamton’s SOM is very competitive and if you want to get in as a transfer you need a 3.75+. However, there are many other SUNY schools that you can apply to like Oswego, Oneonta or Albany that have business schools. Or you can go to Baruch since you are from ny. I would focus this semester on getting your GPA over a 3.0 to maximize your chance. </p>

<p>I was thinking that I could apply as undecided, or to a different school within Binghamton, and then transfer into SOM after. Is that possible? Will that increase my chances?</p>

<p>Intra-university transfer to SOM is also supposed to be difficult. I heard that around 15% of intra-uni transfers are accepted (not sure if that number’s accurate, but I think it’s sub-20). So I wouldn’t advise taking that risk, unless you’re ok with studying a non-business subject at Binghamton.</p>

<p>I agree with Craftedalt, it is incredibly difficult to get in to SOM as a intra-university transfer. The 15% number is spot on. I would not recommend coming to binghamton as an undecided major with hopes of transferring into the business school because if you are dead set on majoring in business, you will just waste time in Harpur. </p>