chances of getting in CAS?

<p>hello, im an international student and i want to know the chances for CAS although im pretty sure i wont have that much luck
(just to get myself prepared...)</p>

<p>*SAT1 - 2030
*SAT2 - bio(700) math2(740)
*TOEFL - 104 (my latest one is 114 but i couldnt send them in........... damn!)</p>

<p>*GPA - 4.6 (cumulative)
*Class Rank - no ranking. but 1/120 in terms of GPA.</p>

<p>*IB Diploma Predicted Grades:
- Economics HL (7)
- Biology HL (7)
- English A2 HL (6)
- History SL (7)
- Math SL (7)
- Language (other than Eng) A1 SL (7)
- TOK Extended Essay (1-3)
..So total predicted range is 42-44</p>

<p>*AP Cal ab (5)
AP Cal bc - will take
AP Microeconomics - will take
AP Macroeconomics - will take
..I guess there not really point of 'will take' though,,</p>

- HS counsellor
- econ teacher
- eng teacher</p>

<p>*Essay.. i basically wrote about my experience of living in three different continents.... like to show 'here i experience alot of things..'</p>

-Community Action Group (visiting orphanage every Saturday) from 2004~2006
-Fashion Show model 2005
-Upper Secondary School Choir 2005~2006
-representative speaker in National Day festival (broadcasted in News) 2006
-Chinese Cheleography Club member 2006
-Instrumental Vocal Music Program
-Kelvin Tennis Team
-Falcon Tennis Activity
-Mini Model United Nations Hague Conference (Delegate of Canada) 2006
-Model United Nations Hague Conference (Delegate of Denmark) 2007
-Global Issue Network Luxemburg Conference 2007
-Ecology Club</p>

-International Youth Award Bronze
-Service To The Community Award May, 2005.
-National Honor Society </p>

<li>Internship - Certificate awarded for attending Internship Program at Bumrungrad International May 30 – June 3, 2005. (internship program in hospital)</li>


<p>abviously my SAT is a true killer....
i feel my EC is not strong enough as well..</p>

<p>i know i have couple more days to wait but i want to get myself prepared
i got rejected from northwestern today so im like in a very depressed mood</p>

<p>Like you said, your SAT will kill you. You have plenty of EC's, and it looks like you're focused. Good luck!</p>

<p>yeah im hopeless with these scores man...</p>

<p>your SATs aren't that bad.</p>

<p>both your sat2s are higher than mine and i got in. </p>

<p>keep the hope alive!</p>

<p>thekristin1129: thanks for the encouraging :)</p>

<p>yeah but im still extremely anxious
i have a feeling that universities tend to not consider anything else much if SAT1 is horrible...</p>

<p>arghhh i knew it was a stretch but its driving me crazy!</p>

<p>Tell me you applied to british schools.</p>


<p>umm no i didnt
i actually live in europe right now so i really did consider it since going to UK with that IB score is much easier then going to US with that SATs.....
but no i decided not to because i know i dont want to study in UK</p>

<p>and yes, i know im being pretty unrealistic
but hey, this is what i chose and i dont regret it although im pretty much stuggling : )</p>

<p>OP: you have a shot, but i wouldn't count on it...admission for international students at any of the top U.S. schools is just way more competitive compared to the domestic student admissions. I know it's unfair...but, don't get your hope too high up, still know that you have a shot.</p>

<p>wagner502, i had worse sat IIs by a long shot and got 2050 on my sat and i got in. you should be fine.</p>

<p>patlees88: yeah i agree with you.. but im just taking as a last struggle. i mean, rather im rejected of accepted, its hard to stay calm.</p>

<p>Degan747: did you apply CAS?</p>

<p>wagner502, yes i applied to CAS</p>

<p>Degan747 : haha thats a bright news. but like patlees88 said, being an international student is a big hinderance i guess... thanks though:)</p>