Chances of Getting In/ Prep School USAFA?

Hey everyone, just wondering what you all think are the chances of me getting in to USAFA are and how to apply for the prep school if I don’t get in? My SAT (Math 600, English 710). ACT (31 composite, 33 Reading and English, 27. Math, 29 Science). GPA is a 3.71. My school offered one AP class (which I took…AP US History). I’ve been I told I have reallly good extracurriculars (Varsity Golf, Track, and Baseball. Captain on Golf and Baseball. Student Council VP and Treasurer. Creator/President of Cycling Club). I think my essays on the application were well-written and honest but also impactful.Oh, and my fitness tests scores are all above the “goal”.

Do you all think I’ll get in to USAFA? What about prep school for USAFA? Thanks so much!

Based on the profile that you offer I think you have a decent chance. The problem is that we have no idea what your competition for a nomination is like. It will vary greatly depending on your state and district as well as who applies this year from your district.

Your math scores on both the SAT and ACT are on the low end of acceptance. Your interview with your evaluator ALO will be a factor as well. Many candidates look good on paper but fail miserably when interviewed in person. They are looking for officer material, which doesn’t come strictly from academics or athletics.

You do not apply to the Prep School. USAFA determines to whom they offer Prep School slots based on the need for better academic preparation. I don’t think you would qualify for Prep with your stats.

+1 to @oldpilot1972 's comments. It’s difficult to gauge chances because there are many variables that come into play. Have you cleared DoDMERB? In addition to attaining a congressional nomination, medical qualification is also a biggie.