Chances of getting in Questbridge College Prep with an income higher than the low income bracket?

I’m considering applying to the Questbridge College Prep Program but I feel discouraged because of my household income. My parents make ~$85k for a family of 4 which exceeds the low income bracket by about $20k.
I’m first gen, the first in my family to attend college, and I have strong (but not exceptional) academic scores: GPA 4.2 W, 4.0 UW, 1400 SAT. I volunteer regularly and am on various club boards at my school. I’m the primary translator and caretaker for my family.

Should I still apply for the program, or is it a waste of time? I feel like I have a small chance because the income difference is not too large but there are definitely way more qualified applicants.

It’s a waste of time for you.

Never reject/deny yourself. Apply, tell your story and if they say no, then they said no. Don’t ever tell yourself no!

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I was a Questbridge Prep Scholar last year and they made it clear that their 65k income bracket is not set in stone! If you have extenuating circumstances they take that into account. However, if your family is making that much for no reason, it wouldn’t hurt to try but you need to understand that they are more likely to choose someone in greater need. The majority of QB applicants make far below 65k with even more household members.


As far as your stats go, I disagree! You are doing exceptionally well and I think you’re even above average, so don’t worry about that. My stats were a bit below that and I made it as a Prep Scholar and a Finalist.

The vast majority of QB finalists have EFCs of zero, which typically means family income is quite a bit below $65K, their stated max (even tho not set in stone). QB is a lot of work, so I’m not sure I would recommend you pursue it with a family income of $85K. What is your estimated EFC here?

I think you should absolutely apply. The 65k is not a hard cutoff and your family does not make too much more than it. I think you still have a chance, as long as your family also does not not have high assets.

Good Luck :blush: