Chances of Getting in Regular if Deffered

<p>Hey guys. I just got deferred from my ED school, Lehigh University. I don't think my EC's, grades, SAT's, etc., were bad I just got unlucky with the admissions process and had tough competition. Anyway, Lehigh was my top choice school and Boston University is my #2 school. I really do not want to go to any other school I apply to, because Boston and Lehigh are 2 schools I like very much. Since I got deferred from Lehigh, is there a chance I would get in Regular Admissions? Because if there isn't, I am thinking about doing Early Decision II for Boston University because that would pretty much guarantee me getting in there. I have a great chance of getting in Boston University without Early Decision, but if I didn't, then I would be very upset because I would have to resort to a safety school. What do you guys think? Any success stories?</p>

<p>of course thers a chance, otherwise they would have rejected you and not deferred you. As for the chances, I have no idea.</p>

<p>i think your chance are a little better than if you had just applied RD</p>

<p>this is because you stats don't change, but the college knows that you are (probably still) their first choice.</p>

<p>I disagree with the idea that your chances are better if you were already deferred. They already had a chance to take you while knowing that they were your first choice, so I don't see why they would favor you over new (and possibly stronger) applicants. </p>

<p>Here are some statistics - On this forum, I saw a copy of a Duke deferral letter, which said that the RD acceptance rate for deferred students is only about 10%. I believe that is half of the overall RD rate. At Harvard, the deferral letter last year said, "Deferred students are admitted at various rates, sometimes close to that of RD candidates." </p>

<p>I would apply ED II to Boston if you really want to go there.</p>

<p>you need to call Lehigh and ask them how many students they deferred last year and how many they ended up accepting out of those deferred. Also ask how many were directly rejected this year (and out of how many apps).</p>

<p>At some schools deferral really does mean you're still in the running. But at most the sad truth is "deferral" is what they do with almost all students they don't accept. Its a political move, they want the kids to think they still have a shot in the RD round so there was no "penalty" for applying early.</p>

<p>Unfortunately schools don't tell you which category they fall into so you have to infer it from the stats.</p>

<p>thank you for the replies. i will do ED II to boston. tremendous help guys =)</p>

<p>depends also on whether people from your school are applying to lehigh RD. if they arent theres probably a higher chance of your getting in RD.</p>

<p>no like everyone i know is applying there lol...</p>

<p>I also applied to Lehigh ED. Did you receive an email saying you are deferred?</p>

<p>Curious on how you found out you were deferred. I applied to Lehigh ED also and haven't heard a thing. Do you have AIM DrMet88? I have a question for you.</p>

<p>Check out this post/thread from the Penn board. It is an excellent account of one person's deferral saga- and success.</p>

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<p>well i know one thing. i was deferred ED columbia and now i'm motivated by vengeance to write another essay and get accepted RD round so i can turn them down!</p>

<p>@knickz20 Did you ever get into Lehigh after the deferral?!</p>

<p>This thread goes back to 2005. OP would have already graduated from whatever school he attended. Unlikely he still checks back on CC to see how his six-year old threads are doing. (What is it with people reviving ancient history?)</p>