Chances of getting in to UNC Chapel hill with one C

Hey everybody, I’m a junior this year and am curious about my chances of being accepted into UNC Chapel Hill. Here are my stats:

-4.54 GPA
-26 ACT ( plan to get at least a 30)
-Varsity tennis player 9-11 grade
-Varsity Diver 9-10 grade
-Latin club member 9-11 grade
-National Honor Society 11 grade
-National Latin Honor Society 11 grade

  • Only a few B’s in honors and AP classes ( possibly one C)


  • Tennis Coach at country club 8-11 grade
  • Head of Pool Logistics 9-11 grade
  • Student Coach 11 grade
  • Historian of National Latin Honor Society

I’m also in state, and will have teacher recommendations from Chapel Hill alumni. However, I took very tough classes this semester and could potentially get my first C in honors precalculus. I’m worried that this will set me apart from the rest of the applicants.

RIght now your ACT is very low, but I’m sure you know that. If you want to be safe, aim for a 31 or 32. This is especially important if you end up getting a C in precalc. A GPA of 4.54 usually puts you in the ‘maybe’ category for UNC applicants.Try to finish this semester with mostly A’s or all A’s and definitely try not to get a C in precalculus. Also, having recommendations from alumni probably won’t help at all. Overall, you have a really good chance if you raise your ACT to a 31+ and if you don’t get any C’s.