Chances of getting in?


I’m currently a student at an international school in Singapore and I wanted some Babson opinions on my chances of getting in as well as a bit of information about the college itself.

I’m predicted a 40-41 at IB.

I gave my ACTs and got a 32 composite (English 34, Maths 31, Reading 33, Science 28) and a 36 Writing. I’ll probably do it again and end up with a 33 maybe a 34.

Activities, Service and Work Experience:
I take part in and lead a bunch of community service programs and run an NGO support group at my school as Head of Finance. My service commitment is often talked about at my school as an example of devotion to giving back.

I’ve done an internship at an architecture firm fixing up their communications and marketing as well as one at a commodities trading company dealing with daily trade sheets and order confirmations with buyers.

I won an entrepreneurial competition at my school for a business idea. We’re trying to get it launched before I apply, but that might not happen because of work load in the IB.

I wanted to know:
a) Based on the above descriptors, what are the chances of being accepted?
b) I want to go into investment banking, so what are the opportunities to get involved in that industry or the study of it while at Babson? Any internship opportunities? How helpful is the school in finding these?
c) In terms of Greek Life and general atmosphere at Babson, how is it?

Thank you.


a) You are in the ball park for test scores which is a good start. My experience has been that Babson really does look at the whole applicant because they can afford to do so considering their small class size. How you come across in your interview and supplement are probably major factors (That is why they give the opportunity to do a video). IB and AP courses prove that you challenge yourself so overall you look like a good applicant overall. What you have done so far will put you on the right track for acceptance but the specifics of how you come across in the essay’s and interview will probably be the deciding factors. (Remember that they do skype interviews if you have not done one yet)

b) When I did an overnight one of the Senior’s I stayed with was going into investment banking and had done an internship in the field for 3 semesters in Boston. He was able to get this internship with help from the UNDERGRADUATE CENTER FOR CAREER DEVELOPMENT (CCD). He was concentrating in Finance and had a job lined up for when he graduates with a starting salary of $95,000 from the company he was interning at. (No this is not at all uncommon… all 6 seniors had jobs lined up and it was half way through their first semester! “You essentially have to try not to get a job after Babson” was what I herd from many people on different occasion… one of the things that sold it for me haha)

Finance Concentration

From the website: The Finance concentration is designed to provide functional depth in the field of Finance. Students who are interested in learning about or pursuing careers in Investments, Corporate Finance, or Investment Banking/Financial Consulting can combine the Finance concentration with other non-finance course offerings or external activities to supplement the learning experience.

c) Atmosphere is awesome for what I wanted in a school. Greek life is there if you want to participate but you really don’t need to join it to have fun.

Hope it helped!

  • Chris