Chances of getting in?

I’m an undergrad freshman at a community college hoping to transfer into NYU’s 2020 fall semester. Although I’ve been told I’m plenty intelligent and capable, I still have doubts. I graduated HS with a 3.6 weighted GPA and 4 of 8 AP exams passed. As for college, I’ve completed one 12 unit semester with a 4.0 and am in the middle of a 14 unit spring semester. There’s not much I can include as extracurriculars besides a 3-year stint in Cinematography in high school where I’ve written multiple screenplays and shot two short films and some work experience. I’m extremely committed to giving them my all if given the opportunity and their system and resources would allow me to reach my full potential. I come from an extremely tough financial background and believe in my ability to write a well-spoken essay, but I still don’t think this is enough? Do I have a shot and if not, is there any way I can make myself a better candidate? Thank you!

I don’t think your grades are are the real issue. If you come from a tough financial background, NYU is not likely going to be in your price range. Do you have a way to pay for it?

Well, I’m writing multiple essays and applying to multiple scholarships which has proven to be a bit easier since I come from a Hispanic household. Other than that, I’m planning to take student loans if needed, but I’m aware even if I am accepted and can’t pay, I won’t be attending.

which nyu school? tisch it sounds like? i think your cinematography experience is good and make sure to emphasize that. you might get in based on that alone. what’s your sat/act?

I got a 1220 on the SAT and a 27 on the ACT, mainly because my math portions on both were really low but my English and reading sections were high. I’m applying to the College of Arts and Sciences actually, I’m majoring in English and minoring in Creative writing because I don’t believe a degree in Cinematography guarantees a career out of school. Could be wrong though.

Well I can guarantee you that you won’t have a shot at getting into CAS. Apply Tisch, you at least have a chance since they aren’t grade focused.

CAS is significantly more grade focused. Like “1400 on sat is still 50/50 odds” type of focus.

Apply tisch please.