Chances of getting in?

Hello, I am a High School senior applying Early Action to UNC - Chapel Hill (out of state school). My GPA is 4.23 and I am number 25/452 students. Over the past four years I have been an active member of Student Council Association, and have held two positions, one being Senior Class President. I have also been on two varsity sports: Varsity cheer and Track and Field. My other extracurriculars include my involvement in my church. I am a leader of our bible quiz team and drill team. As well as juggling that I have had 2 jobs, one at Hollister and babysitting. My intended major is Computer Science and I am apart of the girls who code organization. I am choosing not to submit my SAT score because I only had the chance to take it once. Please let me know if I have a chance of getting in. Thank you

Demographic - I immigrated to the United States at the age of 9 from Lesotho. I live with my mom and she never went to college, but my older sister is in college right now

You could probably get in, but the problem is getting financial aid. It’s set-up for state residents. If you’re out of state, financial aid isn’t going to cover the large tuition. In your situation, a private school might be better equipped to give a good financial aid package. Also, apply for scholarships. Check out scholarships at University of Alabama, Univ of AZ, and Arizona State University. Your home state is also a great source for scholarships for in-state schools. Hope this helps.

FYI, She didn’t inquire about financial aid or scholarships at all.

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I am a tad bit concerned that your class rank may not be high enough given that you are OOS. Best of luck!

I think you have an excellent chance at getting in! You have so many desirable qualities in a student! Not sure what you’re status is as far as finances are concerned, but there are so many out there - fastweb. We have family who graduated from there and are doing incredibly well in their chosen professions (research and statistician). Good luck to you (although from what you wrote, you may not necessarily need it! :wink: My daughter is also applying there so our fingers are not only crossed but knotted as well.