Chances of Getting in

<p>I'm out of state with a 3.34 unweighted GPA and 3.8 weighted. I have been in mostly honors classes all of high school and have done 2 AP classes. I got a 27 ACT and a 1150 SAT out of 1600. I write for the school newspaper and played football all 4 years and was a captain of the varsity team my senior year. I also have a job at a golf course.</p>

<p>I think you have a chance of getting in though your SAT score is a bit on the low side. What major did you apply for?</p>

<p>business management</p>

<p>I think you have a shot at getting in, it depends whether you are in-state or if your high school is good or not but regardless, you have a shot. I would send your ACT score instead of your SAT score if you haven't sent in your scores yet.</p>

<p>i go to a blue ribbon school</p>

<p>It honestly could go either way.</p>

<p>Can you give us any more information? Any more Extra curricular activities? </p>

<p>What AP's, Clemson knows some are easier and some are harder than others.</p>

<p>I took AP psychology and got a 4 on the ap test and i am currently taking AP comparitive government. I was also a counselor at my schools youth football camp for a couple years. My school newspaper has won many awards, but i didn't really do many more extracurriculars cause football takes up so much time.</p>

<p>it doesn't matter how many extracurriculars you do, as long as you show that you are dedicated and passionate about something (which for you would be football), you are fine. Quality is better than quantity.</p>

<p>Is it easier to get in from out of state?</p>

<p>It's definitely not easier to get in from out of state. Clemson's a public school which means it gives priority to South Carolina's in-state residents. Clemson's also a rising school and gaining popularity which means that you will be getting competition from out of state students. The good news is that 1/3rd of Clemson students are from out of state so Clemson takes a lot more out of state students than other public colleges.</p>