chances of getting into a good school?

Hi I will be a junior next year and I am a bit concerned about my gpa and if I will be able to get into NYU or northwestern univ.
Freshmen year I got a 3.29 gpa
Switched schools and I now take all honors and AP my gpa this year(sophomore) was a 3.7
Also I do a TON OF things such as
-volunteering at the library
-volunteering tutoring kids
-student council one year

  • I do cross country
  • I am in suicide prevention council
  • and on the library board in planning activities and such

So what are my chances, my new school also goes by a 7 point grade scale…

Oh yeah and I’m in honors at my school, I’m also in a scholar program and my class rank is 29/116

It’s still a bit early to say. We need SAT, ACT, AP, IB, etc scores. I understand you are aiming for NYU and Northwestern, but without more information it really could go either way. However, those two are top-tier schools, and your extra-curriculars would be typical for anyone applying to those schools.