Chances of getting into a top tier MBA course (international student)

<p>Hi all,
I am an international student from Singapore. Recently, i received an offer from imperial college in UK to read chemical engineering, a 4 years course which will award a masters degree. However, I am more inclined towards the banking and business finance industry so i was wondering if i still stand a good chance getting into top tier MBA schools like harvard or wharton after graduating from imperial college? I understand that US grad school is selective in choosing its students and more so if i am from the international pool. Would it be better to reject the UK offer and apply for US undergraduate courses this year? Any advice would be deeply appreciated. </p>

<p>My mini portfolio (if it helps at all =.=):</p>

<p>6 distinctions in the A level examinations (General Paper, Project Work, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Economics)</p>

<p>a B in my mother tongue (chinese)</p>

<p>SAT 2: Math lvl 2: 800 Chemistry: 800 Physics:800
SAT 1: 2010 (pretty bad =( )</p>

<p>I was a member of the track and field team in junior college and i am currently serving 2 years of mandatory army in singapore.</p>