Chances of getting into an ivy league

I am a rising senior and i was wondering if anyone could tell me what my chances are of getting into ivy league school or school of similar caliber. I have a 3.72 Unweighted GPA (4.45 Weighted GPA), and I have a 2070 on the SAT. I have taken college classes and have received grades of over a 95 and one grade of 87. The college classes I have taken are Calc 1, Calc 2, Multi-variable Calc, and the Theory of Interest. In terms of extracurricular activities I am part of our schools Ultimate Frisbee team. We have competed in tournaments across the Southeast region and have done well (placing between 3rd and 7th). I am part of my schools National Honor Society and the Technology Student Association. I have also passed my first Actuary Exam (Exam P) and am preparing to take the second Actuary Exam (FM). On the side I invest real money in the stock market and have made a considerable profit. I have also volunteered to coach our local middle school’s ultimate Frisbee team; where we won the local end of the season tournament.

What are my chances of getting into ivy league schools or schools of similar caliber?

Little to no chance. Low GPA, Low test scores, Very weak ECs.

You should start looking at other good schools that would be good matches for your record.

You’ll never know until you try. Even if your chances are low why not? You could always wait until grad school( assuming your planning on going to grad school) to apply to an ivy. Also, there are many other great schools to apply to where your chances of getting in are higher. But, remember you never know until you try.Don’t let people,who aren’t even a part of the ivy admission committees,decide for you. If anything,go on collegeboard or the schools website to get more info.