Chances of getting into any top tier universities?

I am an upcoming senior in a very small high school, and I am wondering what my chances of getting into certain schools are. If it matters, I plan to major in one of the sciences and obtain my Bachelor’s, then go to PA school. I have mainly chosen reaches (because I plan to write a KILLER essay that I’ve been working on for some time), mixed in with some matches and safeties. They are listed in order of approximate difficulty.

Brown University (I am going to their summer program and applying early decision. Will this help?)
Wake Forest University
Emory University
UNC at Chapel Hill
University of Connecticut
George Washington University
High Point University
Lipscomb University
Xavier University (my mother is an alumnus here).

What you should know about me:

Cumulative GPA for junior year: 4.24.
I got a 29 on the ACT, but I have two more chances to take it and my goal is a 32.
I took every available honors course every year of high school except for this year, where I took 3/4.
I was in band and choir.
I’ve played piano for the music academy in my city since Junior High and won several awards.
I am in National Honor Society.
I am a member of the Chick Fil A Leadership Academy.
I was on the high honor roll every year.
I was chosen to go to Beacon Orthopedics for a cadaver lab where I got to participate alongside a surgeon.
I volunteered at the animal clinic near me for two years.
I’ve also done at least one sport every year, but just for the fun of it.
Note: I was told early on in high school that I shouldn’t just jump into volunteer programs and take every opportunity, but instead focus on the ones I was passionate about, which is why this list is somewhat limited and specific.

You have a very solid GPA and ACT score, and you have very interesting ECs!

Brown University: Reach (even going to the summer camp doesn’t help for an Ivy :frowning: )
Wake Forest University: low reach
Emory University: low reach
UNC at Chapel Hill: match/low reach
University of Connecticut: match
George Washington University: match
High Point University: match
Lipscomb University: match
Xavier University: match

(all your safeties you can def get in!)

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good luck! :slight_smile:

Brown -25% ED (ACT is kinda low)
Emory, NYU, UNC high matches/low reaches
George Wash U- match
UConn -safety
Idk abt others

If you get above a 30 or 2100 you can make it into those reaches! Good luck!

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You will need to read through the comments cuz I got a 31 on ACT and I added some colleges (BostonU, UTAustin, Northeastern)

Brown University- Reach
Wake Forest University- High Match
Emory University- Low Reach
UNC at Chapel Hill- Low Reach
University of Connecticut- Match
George Washington University- Match
High Point University- Match
Lipscomb University- Safety
Xavier University (my mother is an alumnus here)- Safety

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I don’t think the brown summer program will help unless it was a selective one.
UNC: OOS, Reach because of test scores
In state: High match perhaps, you have some interesting EC’s
Emory: Low Reach

What is your unweighted GPA?