Chances of Getting into Barnard College?

<p>Hi!! I am a junior in high school and I have recently been very interested in Barnard. I have around a 3.5 weighted GPA, a bunch of extracurriculars, volunteer work, and a solid B+/A in all my subjects. I took two APs my sophomore year, two APs this year (junior) and will be taking 6 APs next year (senior). I didn't do too well on my two APs last year (World History and Music Theory) but am hoping to do a lot better this year (AP Lang and APUSH). I really want to go to Barnard but my SAT scores are lower than I want them to be (around 1850-1900). Do you think I have a chance to go to Barnard? I am visiting tomorrow and I plan on having an interview later.</p>

<p>GPA is a little low too…</p>

<p>Barnard: Reach (if you can get the ACT to a 31+ and maintain a 3.5+ UW for the remaining terms, you might have a chance)</p>

<p>I will definitely try to do that Catria, thank you!! I heard that Barnard cares mostly about your writing skills (aka your essay). I have a really good idea for my essay about taming this feral cat and it will probably be very good (I am a strong writer). I am just very nervous about my SAT scores. If you have any advice to up my chances at Barnard it would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>Test scores are important for Barnard, so I’d try to improve those as well. If you can’t improve your test scores, it’s a reach, but it’s possible. Take the ACT, maybe you’ll do better on it. What’s your actual score breakdown, including essay? </p>

<p>If you like Barnard you should check out other women’s colleges. Smith, Mount Holyoke, Bryn Mawr, Wellesley, etc. The first two don’t care much about test scores, so your chances are better for them.</p>