Chances of getting into Brown? Please help

<p>Chances of getting into Brown?
Ok..... i am currently a freshman in High School! i have always wanted to go to Brown, can you guys please tell me my chances,</p>

<p>School Type: Private (On independent Study, because of Transportation issues.)</p>

<p>9th Grade(Current):
English 9
Algebra 1
Church History
Physical Science
* i finished PE and Health early so i don't have to do that anymore.</p>

Honors English
Honors Biology
Honors Geometry
Honors Bible
( 10th Grade will be all Honors except pe)</p>

<p>Same for every year everything will be honors.</p>

<p>My teacher told me that even though they don't offer AP at Independent study she can prepare me to take the exam so i am going to do:</p>

<p>AP Government exam
AP Literature exam
AP Calculus exam</p>

<p>Extra Cur.
NHS (National Honors Society)

<p>Thanks for reading this, please feel free to give suggestions and to tell me my chances, it means alot.</p>

<p>Sorry about the grammar issues i was in a hurry and my friend is yelling over my ear.</p>

<p>Additional Details
I currently Have Straight A's too.
The only problem is that i went to a Public High school for 2 months and they put me into IB and i got shocked because i have not seen a public high school since 5th grade and the teachers were disorganized so i got straight F's but i left that school before the first term ended so i don't think it shows on my transcripts.
jjamesnicholson is online now</p>

<p>The fact that a public high school shocked you to the point where you got straight Fs, along with the fact that your school actually has a class called "honors Bible", are both huge warning flags.</p>

<p>However, I can't actually tell you your chances of getting into Brown, because you haven't even finished a year of high school yet.</p>

<p>amarkov: what about "honors bible" is a red flag? Many home schooled kids take religious coursework -- as do kids who attend parochial schools.</p>

<p>OP: do some research on Brown (and others') requirements for homeschooled applicants. The Parent's forum may be of assistance. </p>

<p>Your straight Fs is very worrisome however</p>

<p>^I've been in a catholic school since preschool and I've never seen a religion class that was labeled "honors". It's not a core academic class so I don't know how it could be weighted at all or given "honors" credit.</p>

<p>its hard to tell when ur in 9th grade.
nothing has happened yet
u cant predict your grades, esp. when u are going to take hard classes
trust me ,half of these little freshmen on this site are WAYYYY in over their heads
just relax, work starts in 10th grade
jeez, kids these days</p>

<p>-brown '14 student
(accepted ED)</p>

<p>i agree with amarkov, if public school really shocked you so much that you couldnt pass classes, that's a problem.
who's to say the same won't happen in college? you should consider trying public school again, but if you absolutely cannot stomach it, then self studying AP's is a good idea.</p>

<p>Really? honors bible? really??</p>

<p>Really? Straight F's? really??</p>

<p>No chance</p>

<p>sorry if i sound like a $#%^ but you have to be kidding me... if you think you will be able to do WELL in brown let alone MAKE it in brown then you are crazy!!!</p>

<p>you got straight F's in a public high school!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>if you work hard enough and do well on your SATs and ACTs then you have a chance...</p>

<p>good luck...</p>

<p>Your on crack, which isn't bad but I don't think you can smoke crack and go to Brown at the same time. I had this kid who wanted to fight me freshman year and he was half retarded and thought he was really smart, he thought his special ed classes were honors classes, you sound like this kid.</p>

<p>please no more post on this because you guys are really being rude I have never meet anyone so rude in my life. so helped me to learn but some were just rude like the most recent called me stupid so everyone stop ok. if this is how ivy student act and carry them seleves calling people names than people were tight ivys are for snoby rude people. actuaally I did not get straight f's I just found that out I got some a's so yea.</p>

<p>too early to tell
just enjoy high school, keep your grades up, and do ec and community service that you enjoy!</p>