Chances of Getting into BS/MD Programs (listed in thread) and UPenn?

<p>Hi Everyone! So I just finished junior year and decided to start making my college list and deciding exactly where I'd apply and all that (yeah i know i'm a bit late...) and was wondering whether you guys could tell me if i seem to have a chance for some bs/md programs or upenn? Lol i thought i could just apply to an ivy for the heck of it to see if i get in (don't get me wrong, i'd love to go to upenn. i just never thought i have what it takes to go to an ivy). i also REALLY want to be a pediatrician and have for practically all my life. i'll post the programs i was looking into and my updated stats below:</p>

<p><strong><em>COLLEGE LIST</em></strong>****
PROGRAMS (just what i've been looking into so far):
University of Miami (BS/MD)
Drexel/Drexel (not sure whether i'm applying to Kean/Drexel or Villanova/Drexel yet...or should i not even bother? not sure if applying to more than one will improve my chances) -- (BS/MD)
Nova Southeastern University (BS/DO program)
NYIT (BS/DO program)
Gannon University (BS/MD program)
Duquesne/Temple (BS/MD)
Rutgers/UMDNJ (BS/MD)-- same deal with the drexel programs, should i apply to all the undergrads possible?
Penn State Science (BS/MD)
Philadelphia University (BS/MD)
Siena College (BS/MD)
(i'll update the list if any more come to mind)</p>

<p>i'm not sure about the undergrads yet, b/c i'm really trying to get into a program but so far UPenn and NYU are on the top of the list lol</p>

junior year weighted GPA: 95.59
cumulative weighted GPA (for all 3 years so far): 94.74
**our official transcript will show weighted averages/gpas because our school doesn't rank</p>

literally suck at this...2000 superscore
Critical Reading: 600
Math: 680
Writing: 720</p>

took it twice, got a 31 on both exams. however, i didn't really study for either exam and i'm planning on taking a prep class over the summer (plus i have books that i can use before i start the class) so hopefully i can get at least a 34 on the exam..crossing my fingers!
Math: 34
English: 34
Science: 32
Combined Writing/English Score: 32 (got a 9/12 on my essay)
Math: 34
English: 31
Science: 28
Reading: 31
Combined Writing/English Score: 30 (got a 9/10 on my essay)</p>

JUNIOR YEAR: took the classes for AP Chem and AP US History, but took the AP Chem, AP US History, and AP Lang exams (AP Lang = I had no prep or class advantage)
Scores: Chem = 4, History = 3 (yeah i'm not proud of it..barely crammed for it 2 days before. it was the stupidest mistake ever), Lang = 5
SENIOR YEAR: will be taking AP Spanish, AP Literature, and AP Biology</p>

<p>SAT II's
Chemistry: 710
Math IIc: 720</p>

Honor Roll all 3 years so far
Silver Award for National Spanish Exam (all 3 years)
Spanish National Honor Society
National Honor Society
Science National Honor Society
pretty sure i'll be a NMS commendable student (got the thing in the mail)</p>

Angel Ambassador Program (it has to do with luring 8th graders in to the admissions process at our school...we're a big time catholic school lol) - 4 years
Big Sister/Little Sister Program Event coordinator- 1 year (part of the ambassador program)
Chorus- 4 years
Debate team- 4 years
Peer tutor- 3 years
Track team- 1 year (soph year- never doing it again good god)
International Night dancer (part of Asian Cultural Society)- 3 years
M.E.D.S. club- 3 years
sophomore retreat planning team (speaker)- 1 year</p>

Indian Cultural Dance- 12 years and counting
Church choir- 12 years and counting
Lector at my church- 4 years
Church youth group representative- 4 years
Church basketball team- 4 years (we compete in some basketball tournaments over the's a summer thing)</p>

Youth group @ church- since June 2009 (we do stuff like volunteering at the food pantry and raising funds through fundraisers for the St. Vincent DePaul Charity)</p>

<p>Holy Name Medical Center- July 2010-May 2011</p>

<p>New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center- Summer 2011 and Summer 2012 (will probably continue during the school year too, however)</p>

<p>Phonathon Caller/Alumnae Relations Promoter- spring 2012 and winter 2012 (it was this stupid thing but apparently it looks good on resumes idk)</p>

toastmaster's international youth leadership program- summer 2009</p>

<p>UMDNJ pre-medical honors program- fall 2009 and i'm pretty sure fall 2012 too</p>

<p>Shadowing 2 MD's and 1 PA at New York Presbyterian Hospital (Summer 2012) and Research with Columbia University (with an employee from NYP -- Summer 2012)</p>

<p>Possibly Shadowing a Pediatrician at a clinic at NYP as well, but not sure about that yet (summer 2012)</p>

<p>AP Chemistry trip to the Pocono Environmental Education Center (fall 2011) (we did this water testing experiment..idk if it counts as something though?)</p>

<p>pretty sure that's all my yeah. feel free to say whatever you want, i can take negative comments lol. and BE BRUTALLY HONEST. it'll only help me</p>

<p>thanks you guys :))))</p>

<p>ANYONE?? even a “no you suck” would be nice lol</p>

<p>Bump bump bump</p>

<p>Bumppp please someone ;(</p>

<p>Most BS/MD programs are EXTREMELY selective, you probably have a better chance at Penn, which is a low chance given your standardized test scores. Definitely work on the ACT as much as you can. Stay involved, keep your grades up, but you’re going to need to think much more broadly than just BS/MD programs and Penn.</p>

<p>I agree with Ortsac. I was considering applying to one, but realized that I would rather just deal with the MCAT and apply later. They are all very selective and you are a strong applicant, but I don’t think you are so strong that you will probably get in (they truly are crazy competitive). Apply to your top choice and other then that just apply to colleges that have strong pre-med programs.</p>

<p>No chance at BS/MD programs with those test scores unfortunately.</p>

<p>2250 or 34 plus is a must</p>

<p>lol thank you so much guys your comments mean a alot. if i did manage to bring my ACT score up to a 34 (which i’m aiming for), do you think i’d have a shot? or do you think it’s a complete waste no matter what?</p>