Chances of getting into CC?

I’m really interested in attending Colorado College in the Fall 2020 semester, but I’m scared my chances of getting accepted are fairly low. I will be the first person in my family to graduate from college.
I have 4.0 GPA and I’ve been taking dual credit college classes since sophomore year.
I scored an 1120 on the SAT which I know is very low, but I’m planning on taking it again and also taking the ACT.
In terms of extracurriculars, I attended Interlochen Center of the Arts for a summer and used to volunteer at an animal rescue.
Any help is appreciated!

Do you mean Colorado or Connecticut College. Or somewhere else?

Colorado College

Congrats on the great gpa. Keep up the hard work. The middle 50 percent of accepted students is 1300 to 1450 SAT. 29 to 33 ACT. So I think with a good ACT or you move to the 1300+ with some prep, you would be a qualified candidate. It would then come down to recs ecs and your essays. Also letting them know it’s your surefire number by applying early.

Right now without score improvement it’s a real reach. But a little work in the scores and a great application would make you a contender. But the tiny admit rate makes it hard for all and tough to gauge.

Chances of getting into CC? You are already here!!!

If you are first generation, look up an organization called Questbridge. Colorado College participates and it is a way for you to get some extra eyes on your application.

A 4.0 weighted is actually toward the bottom of the ‘middle 50%’. Because of dual enrollment and AP, there are a lot of people walking around with 4.5 or higher. The real key is the essays. Nail your 2 essays and you will have a great chance to get admitted, and definitely talk to the people at Questbridge.

Questbridge qualifications are driven by income level - it is a program designed for high achieving low income students, not really focused on first generation so much.

I do agree that essays are very important in CC admissions which makes acceptance chances hard to predict.

Colorado College is not a totally test optional school (some flexibility) but given your lopsided grades and test scores, I recommend adding a few test optional schools to your list. May great LACs are test optional.

@beelalakely did you see that CC just went test optional?