Chances of getting into Columbia

<p>Hey, I'm interested in my chances of getting into Columbia/Columbia Engineering.</p>

<p>here are my stats.</p>

<p>White male.
SAT - 2390: (CR-800, M-790, WR-800)
SAT II: Chem-800, Math II - 780, Math I - 740
AP: Chem-5. Calculus AB -5
GPA: Unweighted 3.92, weighted 4.87</p>

<p>Extra C's: I've been doing art my whole life and have a large portfolio. I am president of a 501(c)3 charity that teaches art classes at a homeless shelter once a week to the kids so the parents can take financial management classes. I am the graphic/art editor of my school newspaper. I am the art editor of my high school literary magazine.</p>

<p>(i've also done soccer and track all of high school but less seriously than my art)</p>

<p>One summer I interned at the US Naval Research Lab (with the SEAP program), the other summer I did a month long art course at Brandeis.</p>

<p>So my question is what are my chances of getting into columbia college vs my chances of getting into the engineering school. I was wondering for columbia college if i have enough humanities credentials or if i seem to science/mathy. </p>

<p>Also what are my chances for the other ivies? Yale, princeton, . . . thanks!!! </p>

<p>(my mom and uncle both went to columbia for legacy . . .)</p>

<p>You have a chance at every top school, but with below 10% acceptance rates, you still could be rejected.</p>

<p>My brother's kid, with almost perfect SAT scores, got rejected at Harvard and Princeton, but got into Yale and Columbia.</p>

<p>It is a crapshoot. They could take you for some silly reason, such as what state you are from.</p>

<p>With a legacy Columbia would be a good target school for you, however princeton and especially yale are in a different league</p>

<p>as in i don't have too much of a shot at those schools?</p>

<p>No i would definitely say you have a good shot with those scores, however they would both probly be low reach schools for you, and plus if youre looking at engineering columbia which is more a match for you is almost as good as the others. Im just pointing out that HYP are crapshoots even with youre impressive resume. chance me back please</p>

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