Chances of Getting into Cornell School of Hotel Administration

I’m a white male from Austin, Texas. I’m a junior in high school at St. Andrews Episcopal School, one of the best prep high schools in Austin.

GPA: 3.8
SAT (New): 1450

AP Classes:

AP Spanish
AP Calculus AB

I’m planning to take AP Statistics and AP Art History as a Senior.


I have been playing piano and have been taking piano lessons weekly every year of high school.

I took cotillion classes in freshman and sophomore year.

I took a rigorous conditioning/fitness class in my freshman, sophomore, and junior years.

I participated in a community service program called Breakthrough. In this program, I was one of other mentors who helped assist middle school students with being the first in their families to graduate college. This involved helping them do research and put on a play about current events. I’ve done this three times.

I also volunteered at the Capital Are Food Bank often, which involved passing out food to needy families.

I also participated in the film program at my school. I submitted several films per year to the school’s film festival and occasionally made films for teachers and students that they requested.

I worked over the summer of 2015 as a greeter at one of the restaurants at the Hyatt Lost Pines. I worked there for 3 months and gained valuable work experience.

Thanks for your help!

Difficult to say - do you have any extracurriculars/experiences which highlight your interest of going into Hotel Administration?