Chances of Getting Into Cornell

I’m a junior from a rural high school in Ohio. My dream school is Cornell, and I’m doing everything I can to get in.
So here goes.

GPA: Accumulated consistently 3.96/4.0
Junior Year Classes: AP Government, AP Language (Also College Credit), Pre-Calculus, College Physics (survived with the highest grade of the class, however the class was cancelled at the end of the semester-long story lol), Forensic Science, Online College Medical Terminology
Anticipated Classes Senior Year: AP Calculus, AP Chem, AP English, as well as some college classes, 4th year of Spanish
Past Classes: Advanced core classes. My school doesn’t allow AP classes until junior year. The AP courses mentioned above are pretty much all that are offered, as I said my school is smaller.
Class Rank: Top 5% out of ~150 students
SAT/ACT: ACT score was average and nowhere near as high as I wanted. Planning on taking again but I’m focusing more on the SAT. Took the SAT for the first time in December, got a 1160… not as high as I’d like, obviously, so I’m taking it again in March with the mindset of getting at least a 1400 or above.
Extracurricular: Youth in Gov Secretary (Will be running for president/vice president at end of year)
Student Council
Spanish Club
Founder/President of Astronomy Club
Member of my school’s equivalent to NHS (My school doesn’t have NHS, but a state version)
4-H Camp Counselor
Local Astronomy Club
Pointe Ballet
Volunteer experience with 4H and at local library (more volunteering to come)
Work weekends at local restaurant
Anticipated EC: Summer college program (really hoping for Cornell summer college if I can find a way to raise the money)
Awards?: Not anything huge but I’ve been recognized numerous times in the community for artwork, also elected Secretary of Youth in Government (my schools delegation), aiming for higher role for next year, things of the like
I’m generally recognized in the school for academics/leadership involvement/etc

I understand that my chances of getting in are basically based on the luck of the draw in some regards, and that there’s SO many things that go into an application. Being a junior not everything is set in stone, of course, but I want to do everything I can to maximize my chances of not only getting into a top school, but primarily Cornell.

Any tips or suggestions much appreciated as well. Hope this also helps anyone in the same vote as me.

Get your SAT score up at least a 1450. Take two subject tests and get 700s+ on both. Your ECs seem pretty solid. If you apply ED you have a pretty strong chance of getting in

Is your listed GPA unweighted?

I agree with @doorrealthe that you need to get your SAT up. You should do significant preparation before taking it again.

Good luck with this, but definitely have some matches and safeties on your list. When I went back to graduate school (after working for a couple of years) Cornell was my top choice. I didn’t get in, but I really liked my second choice where I actually went instead. You also should be able to find very good alternatives.

Which school at Cornell most interests you? Did your more recent standardized testing results arrive?