Chances of getting into CSOM?

<p>Just wondering if I even stand a chance.. CSOM</p>

<p>SAT I: 1950 (620R, 680M, 650W) (really low :( worried.... )
SAT II: 690 on Math 2, 650 on Span w/ Listening
ACT: 29 (also low:( )
Weighted GPA: 4.1 (senior year 1st term got a 4.3, waiting on second term gpa but should be the same or higher. also i had a 4.1 consistently freshmen, soph, and junior year and only senior year has it changed drastically)
Senior Courseload: AP Calc AB, AP Spanish, AP Statistics ( As in all 3 classes), honors physics, honors world lit, honors religion
(all other years i have taken all honors besides CP history sophomore year. AP Lang&Comp junior year, 3 on my exam)
Extra Curriculars:
- Cross country 3 years
- Indoor track 3 years
- Outdoor track 4 years
- volunteer work vigiling at local church
- teacher's aid in an inner city school in Dorchester
- part time job at local Country Club (summer and during school year)
- Dance lessons at a studio frosh/soph year
- Campus ministry
- key club
- President of Spanish Honors Society
Awards: Excellence in Geometry, Excellence in Honors Anatomy, College of Mount Saint Vincent Book Award, JV Cross Country Coach's Award, outstanding service in Key Club award
Recommendations: one from my anatomy teacher and i had like a 98 avg in her class and she loved me.. should be good. another from my AP language teacher, got an A in her class and writing is one of my best skills, plus she is a great writer..
my guidance counselor barely knows me though so god knows how that one will go.. she has my resume and i had a meeting with her to tell her extra things about me to go in the rec.</p>

<p>i go to an all girls private catholic school in MA, competitive.</p>

<p>I also sent in my application on November 8 for regular, way ahead of time.. don't know if that matters in my decision</p>

<p>Well i'm not good at chancing people but I had the same 1950 SAT as you and got into CSOM in Early Admission (some poeple say it's more competitive..?). You have more extracurricular and AP classes than me. The only difference is I am an international student and probably got compared with people in my school/country (they don't have good scores or classes. I was the highest SAT of my senior class)</p>

<p>I don't think that a "low" (yours is good) SAT score or anything in particualar says rejected. Its about the whole </p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>