Chances of getting into CSU’s?

So I was wondering what my chances were of getting into SDSU, Cal Poly SLO, and SJSU. My intended major is business/marketing. I suck at taking standardized tests so I feel like that’s what’s pushing me down. I would appreciate any help! And if you guys have any suggestions for other schools as well I’d deeply appreciate it!

A’s: 27

B: 1

SAT: 1180 I’m taking it again in October and took the August one as well

All Cal states except SLO admit by Eligibility index and major. SLO admits by MCA points.

First you need to calculate your CSU/UC capped weighted GPA. You can use this calculator and the capped weighted is up to 8 semesters of extra honors points for UC approved Honors, AP, IB or DE courses taken 10th-11th grades and your grades for the a-g courses 10-11th only. SLO uses 9-11th grades with the same cap so you can calculate for SLO also using the same calculator.

Then plug in your CSU/UC Capped weighted GPA into this formula: (CSU/UC GPA x800 ) + (SAT Math + EBRW). This is your eligibility index (EI). You will then be ranked based on your EI and major.

SJSU is the only CSU that publishes their EI threshold each year for each major.

For Business/Marketing, 2018’s EI threshold was 3650. If you are above that EI, then you stand a good chance at an acceptance.

For SDSU, you would need around a 4100+ to be competitive.

For SLO, a SLO GPA of 4.12 and an SAT of 1400 will make you a competitive applicant. For the MCA point calculation, you can PM me and I will give you the instructions. There is no school published data for the MCA threshold for SLO but for competitive majors around a 4700+ is good.

In conclusion:
SLO a Reach unless you can bump up your SAT score to 1400
SDSU probably a Match to High Match but need to bump up your SAT score
SJSU is a solid Match

You need at least 1-2 safeties and a few more schools on your list such as CSU Fullerton, CSU Long Beach, Sac State and maybe Chico State and SFSU.

Best of luck.

I have a EI of 4348, do you know what the acceptance rate for SDSU is for the area I want to major in? Is it really competitive?

An EI of 4100+ has been competitive for SDSU these past few years however, this past admissions cycle at 4200+ was more of the norm. You are above that limit, so SDSU should be a Match for you. Just make sure you apply widely since EI thresholds due fluctuate year to year based on each in-coming Freshman classes stats.

I agree - you are a competitive applicant for all the CSUs except SLO. Even there is worth an ap because you aren’t out of range.

UCR is another option worth exploring.
good luck shows recent thresholds at SJSU. They may change based on how strong the applicant pool is this year.

Is the EI score calculated based on weighted or unweighted CSU GPA?

Capped weighted CSU GPA is used for the EI calculation.

So does a 4,596 increase my chances at the more competitive cal states?

The highest capped weighted CSU GPA you could have is a 4.4 with 8 semesters of honors points for courses taken 10-11th. Do you gave all A’s 10-11th with max honors points?

So you have a 4.27 CSU GPA capped weighted GPA? 4596 EI definitely increases your chances at all but SLO.

Yes I do, I took a mix of all type of classes and received A’s from 10-11th and only 1 B

You are in good shape but bumping up your SAT would make you a more competitive applicant for SLO which had an average 1410 SAT this past admission cycle along with UCR which offers Marketing in their Business school.

Best of luck.