Chances of getting into Dartmouth College, Johns Hopkins U etc?

Hello! I’m a junior, but I was wondering if any of you think my chances of getting into Johns Hopkins University or Dartmouth College would be good?
Thanks in advance!!!

My unweighted GPA is 4.0
My courses have been IB, and my 2 electives that I took freshman and sophomore year were AP Human Geography and AP Statistics.
AP Human score: 5
AP Statistics score: 5
Class rank: 2/629
Have not yet taken the SAT (PSAT went smoothly)
Recommendations with probably be good

My extracurriculars so far are:
Key Club
UNICEF Treasurer
UNICEF Vice President
UNICEF President
Mu Alpha Theta
National Society for High School Scholars
The International Order of the Rainbow (masonic organization) Board positions: Chaplin, Musician, Treasurer
West Florida Flames Soccer Team
School Track Team
School Cross Country Team
North Pinellas Swim Team
North Pinellas YMCA volunteer
National Junior Honor Society
Debate Club
Drama Club
Art Club
Part Time Lifeguard job at the YMCA
Bright Futures Scholarship (completed)- 100 hours of volunteer work
CAS: 250 hours of volunteer work (going to be completed)

Some of my other EC’s that I forgot are:
National Honor Society
National Science Honor Society
National English Honor Society

What have you accomplished with your various clubs?

Unless you’ve managed to achieve some concrete results, there’s no way for colleges to tell if you were heavily involved in any of these activities, or just signed your name somewhere to join the club and showed up to 2 meetings/practices a month. I count 9 clubs and 4 teams on that list - which ones were you really involved in? The schools you name won’t be interested in knowing about an activity you took part in as a very passive participant.

It’s near-impossible to chance a student without SAT scores.

Regarding the extra curriculars, what would you suggest that I do more? I am very involved in my clubs and I have held several board positions. Also, track (winter) and cross country (fall) is every day, two hours after school. If I score in the high 700 range in each part of the SAT, would you say I have a good chance? Thanks!

The Dean of Admissions at Duke had a video interview with Forbes. You should be able to find it on the web. Notverysmart is correct. Colleges like to see no more than three to five activities with involvement over four years, leadership, and success at the state or national level. Think depth of involvement not a long list of activities. Hopefully your classes this year are rigorous and you continue to do well.