Chances of Getting into engineering program

<p>I'm out of state. Here's the numbers:
Unweighted GPA: 3.85
Weighted GPA: 3.86
EC: 300 Volunteer Hours, 1 year of tennis, soccer, and FBLA. English Student of the month.</p>

<p>it's just as hard to get into engineering than any other program.. so don't worry you're fine. i applied as an Accounting major and switched to engineering at FTCAP (orientation).</p>

<p>As an OOS applicant with a 26 ACT score applying to a top 20 Engineering school, I feel the odds right now are stacked against you getting accepted. I feel you are at least 2 ACT points shy of where you need to be. Your uw GPA is GREAT, but your w GPA seems low. Did you take the necessary workload in rigorous classes or did you get a c (or two) in a couple of your AP classes?</p>

<p>Haha thanks for your help guys, but to answer your question, jshain, I started out taking normal classes, but worked my way up. So, I did really well in the normal classes, and then as I started adding more honors classes. I'm really not that sure how they're the same/</p>

<p>I would look at the mid 50 percentile for admissions in the engineering school. But I am currently an engineering student at PSU and I can give you my info to compare to.
I'm from PA, I only took SAT's so I don't know how that compares to ACT's, my GPA was 3.92 and I took Honors/AP courses since 9th grade. I think you have a shot at getting in but I can't say for sure.</p>