Chances of Getting into engineering program

<p>Yeah so basically I live in Illinois and don't have the numbers to get into urbana champaign, so I figure this is my last hope.</p>

<p>Weighted GPA: 3.86
Unweighted: 3.85
ACT:24 (Retaking in September)
Class Rank: 103 (top 17%)
EC: 300 Volunteer Hours (200 Hospital,100 Library) , JV Tennis and Soccer (1 year each), FBLA (1 year), Polar Bear Running (1 year), and English student of the month.</p>

<p>Your GPA is good. Last hope? You should be proud of yourself. There is much more they consider for admission. The classes you took, the HS you attended, teacher recommendations, and interest in the school. And there are more than two colleges to choose from, and plenty with engineering programs.</p>

<p>Hehe it isn't my last hope; I copy and pasted this from one of my previous threads. Thank you for your help. My last chance college is Iowa state haha.</p>

<p>Less than 50 % chance , with ACT score hurting you.</p>