Chances of getting into Georgetown

I’m a current Junior who is absolutely in love with Georgetown and am planning to apply early action. I attend a Jesuit high school and hoping this will help since Georgetown has a strong Jesuit tradition. I have not taken the ACT yet and am looking for what to aim for on the test to get into Georgetown. I also would greatly appreciate any tips to get in!!!

My GPA is a 97.05/100 weighted, this is a bit lower than I would like it due to a concussion last year. I am hoping to improve it because I am taking 3 AP courses this year

I will have 5 history credits, 4 English, 4 math, 4 Spanish, 4 Theology, 3 sciences, 2 gyms, 1 art by the end of senior year. All classes are honors or AP.

My extracurriculars are
Varsity Poms, like cheerleading (planning on 4 years and captain next year). Nationally ranked dance team, won leadership award and I personally am striving to become All-American next year
Honor/Scholar Program (since sophomore year focused on arts and humanities)
Arrupe Service (planning on 4 years: service program where I tutor grade school children)
Pax Christi/amnesty: (3 years, awareness of social injustice club)
Young Republican Clubs (3 years, founding member)
Student Council (3 years)
Rousers (promoting school spirit 2 years)
Micro Economic/opportunity club- (3 years: helps women in third world countries become entrepreneurs by teaching them economic skills)
Home Room Representative (3 years helped organize a Christmas present drive)
Senator Campaign Work
Election Judge
Grad at Grad (program to learn networking skills)
Lifeguarding as summer job

Hoping to become apart of NHS (national honors society) and NSHS (national Spanish honors society)
Also with my Poms team, I am applying for a service award
Service trip planned for my Senior Year

before sophomore year I attended the Georgetown summer camp (political science). Should I do another camp this summer?

Sorry this is so long. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The 75th percentile for the ACT at Georgetown is 34, so if you hit that or above that puts you in a good position.
You have a lot of good extracurriculars, and as far as classes its clear you take a difficult schedule.

One thing to note- I don’t think attending a Georgetown camp has any impact on your chances of admissions.

Are you planning on applying to the college? I agree with @yonceonhismouth that you need to be competitive with your ACT score and find something else to do this next summer. Your 2 gym classes are honors/AP?