Chances of getting into Harvard?

<p>I know that many people on this site have a much stronger resume than me, but I'm just curious what my chances are. I had my interview soon after submitting my application and it went incredibly well, so that might have given me false hope.</p>

<p>ACT: 32
Class Rank: 2
GPA: I'll graduate with a 4.7/4.0 (weighted) or 3.999 (unweighted)
I've taken every AP class my high school offers.
ECs: I published a young adult historical fiction novel my sophomore year of high school, I've gotten publicity for running several marathons, I've been very politically active in local groups and I've participated in many social justice protests and events both as a volunteer and organizer, I organized a music festival to raise money for the liberation of child soldiers in Uganda, I volunteer at a local retirement home, I'm a member of NHS, I'm a part of Michigan Youth Symphony Orchestra, I give piano, guitar, and french horn lessons, I'm part of the cross country team and creative writing club.
I'm hoping to go into Islamic studies with a concentration in women's studies, and I've acquired a basic knowledge of Arabic.
I feel that my essays were both extremely strong; I wrote about my passion for social justice and my desire to be in a competitive environment.</p>

<p>Any constructive feedback would be much appreciated! :)</p>

<p>You really haven't given us enough to opine. As a Harvard alumni interviewer, I have to tell you the interview is unlikely to help much.</p>

<p>So much will be about where you're from, family income, summer activities, great recs, a memorable essay.....all the soft factors. The 32 won't help but won't take out an otherwise great candidate.</p>

<p>In truth, your chance is probably less than 10%, like most.</p>

<p>Your post shows a very full resume and a high achieving student, much as many, many thousands across the U.S. I do not see in your post why Harvard is the place you think is best for you, as opposed to dozens of other places, or why Harvard will particularly benefit from your presence, as opposed to a zillion other qualified applicants. To get in and for you to thrive there, both of these pieces will have to be made very clear in your application and in your head. Best wishes.</p>