Chances of getting into Honors or PLP programs

African American Male
GPA: 3.55 out of 4.0
SAT out of 1600: 1420
ACT: 30
Tons of Extracurricular
400 SSL hours
Strong Recomwndation Letter
I’ve had a conversation with President Trible and have even taken a picture with him.
Am a prospective D3 CNU player!

You certainly have the SAT and ACT scores for both programs. Your GPA is a little low for honors, but as both a minority and an athlete those two may lean in your favor, I’m just not sure how much honors looks at those two factors. Honors average GPA this past freshman class was over 4.0. I’d think your chances for PLP would be pretty good and I wouldn’t be surprised if you did get into honors, just keep in mind that one is pretty competitive. You are certainly a strong student.