Chances of getting into McCombs school of business (Undergrad)

Hi, I will be applying to college soon and I was wondering if it was worth applying to McCombs. I have heard numerous things about the difficulty of getting in, so I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what they think about my chances of getting accepted. Thank you! (I am an in-state student)

SAT: 1410
GPA: 3.942 UW & 5.38 W
Rank: 13/410

Sports Medicine (3 years)
President of a club (and part of a handful of others)
NHS Officer
60+ Volunteer hours

Absolutely, yes, I think it’s worth a try! Solid SAT score and class rank, plus a couple of leadership positions.

You’re a good candidate, but McCombs is far from guaranteed with any applicant. Be sure you apply to A&M and a few other schools just in case.

I agree with coolguy40. A&M told me the business school was full by mid October last year, so I hope you’ve already applied.