Chances of getting into Mercer University

Hi I am going to be a senior in high school. I was wondering if someone can give me an idea of my chances of getting into Mercer University.
I want to major in bio and do pre-dentistry

GPA: 3.34 (I am doing regular admission so that might go up a bit)
APs: AP Bio, AP Stat, AP World, APUSH, AP Gov, AP Comp Sci, AP Calc. Senior year I am taking AP lit, AP Macro, AP Micro, Calc II, and AP psych

Extracurriculars: 200+ volunteer hours (working at a hospice, making food for the homeless), two internships (one at a hospice and one at an orthodontics office), school representative for high school dem organization, youth group member for nonprofit organization

I doubt Mercer will be an issue.

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Look at the Common Data Set for Mercer, specifically Section C7 and Sections C9-C11. The information in the CDS comes from matriculated students for a given academic year. You can compare your GPA and test scores to those of recently matriculated students; this can give you a rough idea of your chances of admission.

Also, you should ask your high school guidance counselor about your chances also. As I recall, you are from Georgia; so I presume that a high school guidance counselor in Georgia would have some idea about admissions results from your high school at a college in Georgia.