Chances of getting into Michigan State

<p>Hey all i really want to go to michigan stata. It has great academics and a fun atmosphere and it seems like the right fit for me. Im just nervous about getting in. Here are my grades and extras. Feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>Freshman/soph year at private school</p>

<p>Frosh year
Algebra 2: c,c
Global studies:b+ both semesters
Spanish 1-2: a-,b+
computers(first sem):a
Phys ed(2nd sem):B
Honors biology:c both semesters
English9: b both semesters
Religion9: b,b+</p>

<p>soph year</p>

<p>Spanish 3-4: a both semesters
Chem:b+ both semesters
English: b, b+
religion 10: b+, a-
Geometry: b, b+
honors western civ: b both sems
Art: a both semesters</p>

<p>Junior year ( public school)
Us history: a, a
Essay exposition(first semester): b
Humanities(2nd sem): a
Spanish 5-6: a both semesters
Ap euro pean history: b, b
Statistics: c+, b
Ap environmental science: b,b</p>

<p>Senior (next years choices)
Ap english lit
Ap econ
Ap biology
Honors spanish 7-8
Government(first sem)
Psychology(2nd semester)
Topics on modern math</p>

Old school:Frosh football, frosh basketball, jv lacrosse, jv football, varsity wrestling, varsity track, california scholarship federation member. New school: jv football (receicved coaches award for leadership and sportsmanship), varsity club rugby, member of mock trial, national honors society, and california scholarship federation. Worked in a deli over summers and have 50 hours of service</p>