Chances of Getting into MSU?

<p>Hey, this is my first post here, and it will probably be my last. I'm just stopping here, to post some information and see what you guys think. Because this is "confidential" I really could care less what you guys think of my grades/who I am, so rip/criticize away. I am here to learn what I can do to get into this college. Without further ado, here are my "stats". </p>

<p>9th Grade - 3.2 GPA <em>Averaged 2 semesters</em> (1 Honors Class) JV Sport
10th Grade - 3.2 GPA <em>Averaged 2 semesters</em> (1 Honors Class) JV sport
11th Grade - 3.7 GPA <em>Averaged 2 Semesters</em> (1 AP Class) Varsity Sport
26 On ACT (Retaking it soon)</p>

<p>Other Information: I am involved with Boy Scouts, I have an Eagle Rank. I have 120+ hours of community service, and I am taking 1 AP class my senior year. </p>

<p>If you need any clarification or more information just reply, and I'll get back to you.</p>

<p>Apply early to maximize your chances of being accepted. I think you will be okay.</p>

<p>Match 10 char</p>

<p>I definitely plan on applying early. @res ipsa huh?</p>

<p>^ match is a word for saying that your stats are in the mid-range of Michigan state students...also meaning that you probably will get in (but it isn't for certain, so make sure to apply to safety schools - safety schools are schools that you are all but guaranteed to get into). </p>

<p>Apply early, make sure your senior grades are pretty good and I'd say that you are in.</p>