chances of getting into newhouse

<p>i really want to get into newhouse and i wanna know what my chances of getting in are if i apply early decision. also, if it doesn't seem like i can get into newhouse, would i be able to just get into the school of arts and sciences based off of what i have?</p>

<p>my unweighted gpa is 3.7771 and my weighted gpa is 3.9393. my school and classes are really rigorous also but we don't do class ranking. my combined sat score is 2010 and out of 1600 my score is 1350. i got 700 on math, 660 writing, 650 reading. i also took sat 2 in math level 1 and got 670. i have taken mostly honors classes, took ap psych and ap spanish lang last year and i am taking ap calc ab, ap stat and ap english lang this year. i got a 5 on ap psych and a 3 on ap spanish lang exam. i have taken journalism classes in my school my sophmore and junior year. our school newspaper is highly recognized and has won many awards, and is only run by seniors and you have to apply for positions on the paper. we learned our positions at the end of junior year and i will be features editor all next year. i also will be working on my high school's broadcast tv program next year, which is only offered to seniors as well. </p>

<p>for extracurriculars, i have been on a club competitive gymnastics team for the past 9 years at my YMCA and have competed at the state, regional and national level with my team. i have also done a lot of volunteer work at the YMCA. for the past three years i have taught gymnastics classes at the Y for preschool and school-aged children. a lot of the young gymnasts i work with are special needs/ autistic too. i have been an altar server at my church since i was in 4th grade and have also been an active participant in the CYO. for the past four summers i have worked at my church over the summer at the summer CCD camp as a teacher's aide. i also babysit multiple families and took a red cross babysitting course. </p>

<p>i plan on writing really strong essays and showing my passion for journalism and communications on my application. i am also having my journalism teacher/adviser whom i've had teach me for two years and this upcoming year write my a recommendation letter. </p>

<p>please be honest and let me know what my chances would be of getting in! my guidance counselor told me this school is a reach but its my top choice! sorry if i left anything information out!</p>

<p>oh and I also am on national honor society in my high school and have been on the distinguished honor roll the past three years and I also have done soup kitchen and participated in the sandwich group at my church.</p>

<p>bump someone please help!!</p>