Chances of getting into North Carolina State University? (Junior)

Good evening everyone,

I am currently a middle college student in NC, and I would appreciate the feedbacks/thoughts on my chances for the engineering department of NCSU.


Freshmen year (All A except a B in AP World)
Math 3 hnrs
Earth and Environmental hnrs
Spanish II
Horticulture I
English I hnrs
AP World History

Sophmore (all A’s)
Civics Hnrs
Biology hnrs
PLTW Principles of engineering hnrs
Spanish III Hnrs
Precalc Hnrs
English II hnrs

Then I moved schools
Junior year (All A so far and all community college classes except the first 2 AP classes)
AP Calc AB
AP Lang
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II
Calc II
Linear Algebra
College transfer success
Eng 111 writing and inquiry
Eng 112 research in the discipline
Public speaking
C++ programming
American history I
American history II
Intermediate spanish I

Senior year (plan and all community college)
General Physics I and II
Eng Lit
Calc III
Differential equations
dual enroll at other schools since options are exhausted

Track and field (8th grade- present)
Cross country (11th grade-present)
ROTC PT and Marksmanship (9th-10th)

Volunteer and work
grocery store (summer of 9th and 10th grade)
Did random stuff for school for over 70 hours (9th-10th)

Hoping to get into an internship or MOSTEC

GPA: 4.565
Rank: 6/100

Thank you

Your stats are higher than mine were when I submitted my application. I got into engineering but I know people with way higher stats than me got deferred so thats really not something to bet on especially with Early action. If you don’t already try to get some leadership opportunities within your extracurriculars. This year’s application cycle was insane and I expect next year’s to probably be similar if not even more competitive. Put a lot of time into your essays and extracurriculars between now and Nov 1st and you should be fine!! Also whatever you do, do not slack first semester of senior year. I know it can be tempting but I heard of so many people who were deferred and slacked first semester and now have little to no improvements to add to the application.

Thank you so much for your advice!

I was hoping to get some leadership positions for sports, unfortunately COVID ruined sports this year, hopefully spring track is still in season. Moving schools also didn’t help with getting club positions. I will try my best to land a position on something though.

Will work hard to make it through this tough time!

You have a high GPA, very high rank, take the most difficult courses offered, etc. There should not be any reason why you would not be accepted.

Unless NC State sometimes rejects an applicant with the assumption that the individual is an overqualified applicant and would turn it down.

Are you going to consider any reaches?

Do you want to be a NCAA Athlete?

Thank you so much!

Reach schools for me would be Georgia Tech and dream would be MIT. However, since they are both out of state, I am unsure how much of my community college credits would transfer (especially for MIT) so I am most likely going to NCSU if I make it in, due to the in state tuition and able to transfer most credits (not retaking classes).

I really hope NCSU doesn’t reject me for being overqualified since I am serious about attending it haha.

I do not have being recruited for track and field on my list for college due to it being very time consuming (engineering major) and my times are mediocre.

200 meter time is around 25.45
300 meter time around 39.03
400 meter time around 55.67
500 meter time around 72 seconds

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I think your chances are great for an instate applicant. The only possible hiccup would be if you’re from one of the overrepresented areas like Wake County or Mecklenburg County. But even if you are, your stats are so great I would bet that you will get in.

Good luck to you.

I’d predict that you’ll get accepted to Georgia Tech.

How many college credits will you have completed by the time you graduate from high school?

By the time I graduate, I will have around 66-72 credit hours. Assuming that the degree requirements vary a bit and some classes would not be useful for my major, I would be a college sophomore status with around 50-59 credit hours that will aid in my degree.

Also, I have not ran the 800m in high school yet. My PR in middle school 8th grade (1st year running) was a 2 min 39 second time. I could try it out though! 400 and 800 are in my opinions some of the hardest distances to run hahaha.

I hope I get in Georgia Tech and they accept most of my credits. I kept all the syllabus for my classes for that purpose. It is a rather hard decision since I heard from the engineering world, the college name/brand is not counted heavily. They prioritize on experience and such, so the real question is that is it worth it to pay about 25k extra per year just for the name and connections. I guess I will put more thought into this, but thank you for your evaluation!

Oof, I am in fact from Mecklenburg County. You are not kidding about it being overrepresented since the kids here are extremely competitive and smart! Back at my old high school, Providence Senior High (Mecklenburg), I was only rank 59/500 ish sophomore year, it was crazy.

Thank you, I will need the luck factor!

Could you qualify for financial aid from Georgia Tech?

How does ROTC I work? Maybe this experience would also help with your application.

I don’t think FAFSA would work for my family since we are considered upper middle class, but we are in a bit of a different situation from others. ROTC would be a great option, I will think about it. Right now, I am trying my best to win merit scholarships to fund my education. Winning them is not easy lmao, applied to 17ish but so far no luck. Will keep on trying though!

Thanks for putting the option on the table!

I meant that I think among your academic record, athletics and ROTC, most schools should want someone who has done all this.

What’s the difference between high school and college ROTC?

oh, my bad. I though you were talking about an ROTC scholarship where the military pays for your educations and then you return the favor by serving in the military for 4ish years.

ROTC I in high school is pretty much learning military commands. Like saying PLATOON! Right… FACE! TO THE REAR… MARCH! Stuff like that. I was doing navy so we were doing naval history as well. We learn how to organize our uniforms, do exercises, uniform inspections, put up and down the school flag before and after school. Then there’s random stuff like sweeping the decks (floor), repainting the doors, and stuff like that. We also have clubs like marksmenship, orienteering, PT, stuff like that and go to competitions.

Don’t worry too much about the county, half the people I’ve met are from Wake county and the other half from Mecklenburg (myself included lol) and we were all accepted. They certainly are overrepresented, but in order to be overrepresented they have to accept a lot of applicants from those counties and there is no reason why you couldn’t be one with those stats!

You are in state? Applying now? You should get in! Go Pack!

OMG, you were right, I did get accepted into Gatech!!! Honestly surprised myself haha :laughing:

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