Chances of getting into NYU CAS (Psych/Pre Med Major)

US Permanent Resident (Brazilian Immigrant since 2016)
State: CA
I go to a magnet public high school.
Male, White, Latino

9th: 1 AP, 2 honors, and rest is regular classes (All A’s, 1 B first semester)
World History at a CC (A)
10th: 3 honors, 1 AP (All A’s and 1 B both semesters) (AP Chemistry - B)
US History at a CC (A)
11th: 5 AP and a regular art class (All A’s except 1 C which turned into a B second semester) (Took AP Calculus AB, AP Spanish Language, and AP Biology - C/B)
12: 4 APs, 1 regular, 1 free period


  • USC Summer Research at College of Pharmacy with a professor
  • Key Club (Countless leadership positions)
  • Activism Club (President of 3 years, countless fundraisers, and volunteer op)
  • City’s Youth Council
  • Pre-EMT Program (Countless leadership positions)
  • CDC Online Summer Course (a selective program that deals with introductions to CDC workers and the public health field)
  • Small Business (raised over 3K in a year, sold used clothes in a good state to lower socioeconomic classes in my hometown in Brazil)
  • HOSA (1 leadership position)
  • Hospital volunteer (2 years, 2 hours a week)
  • Over 500 volunteer hours

Forgot to mention that I plan on applying for test-optional and my GPA is 3.86 UW)

Welcome to to CC!

What is your class rank?
Weighted GPA?
AP exam scores?
Other science classes besides AP Chem & AP Bio?
What classes will you take senior year?

Hey there,
W GPA is 4.19
I got a 4 in AP Spanish Language and predict a 4 in AP English Lang and a 5 in AP Spanish
I took honors bio freshman year and will take honors Anatomy and Physiology senior year
Senior year:
AP Stats
Honors A&P
CP English (It’s a writing course offered by cal state schools called ERWC)
AP Psychology
AP Gov/Econ
My school doesn’t really rank but it’s around 40/256

Thank you so much!

I think u hav a great shot, especially with ED if u really like the school :).

Got it.

Because NYU CAS has a single digit acceptance rate it is very difficult to say what kind of chance at acceptance you have.
But, IMO you should certainly apply! In no particular order, here are some additional thoughts (some of which you may have already considered) ….

  1. Applying ED will increase your likelihood of acceptance.

  2. NYU does not have a pre-med major, per se. There are many CAS majors that are appropriate if you want to attend medical school. And, there is a “prehealth track” in CAS that provides guidance to students who are interested in attending medical school (and other health-related fields).

  3. Does your high school use Naviance? If yes, you should be able to see stats for the students from your high school who have applied to NYU in the recent past and what their outcomes have been. This is probably the best way to “chance” yourself for admission. Your GC should also be able to give you an idea if this is not tracked in Naviance.

  4. You will be competing against students who have taken the most difficult courses offered at their high schools. Have you also done this? Here is the coursework that NYU expects to see — have you satisfied this criteria?:

“We find students are best prepared for NYU if they’ve studied the following subjects:

  • English/Writing - 4 years
  • History/Social Studies - 3 to 4 years
  • Mathematics - 3 to 4 years
  • Laboratory Sciences - 3 to 4 years
  • Foreign Language - 3 to 4 years

Note: Our top applicants have taken demanding coursework in the above subjects for four years.”

  1. Please make sure that you apply to other target and safety schools in case Plan A does not work for you.

  2. Do you have have AP scores for your math and science classes? Good scores would strengthen your application.

  3. Write a killer “why NYU” essay! I haven’t asked you WHY you’re interested in attending NYU, but please be ready to wow admissions with your explanation.

Good luck!